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  • All clinic visitors and staff will be risk assessed prior to attending the clinic; those that have any viral symptoms (fever or continuous cough), that have been in contact with anyone with these symptoms, that have travelled abroad during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, or who are considered to be in a vulnerable group will not be able to attend Kirkland Lodge clinic until further notice.

  • Clinic visitors will not be able to bring anyone with them to their appointment. 

  • We encourage you not to attend your appointment too early and to bring minimal possessions.



Thank you for adhering to these measures; you will not only be protecting yourself but also others.


Social distancing

  • We have reduced the number of clinic appointments that will run per day and have reduced the number of staff in the building at any one time. 

  • We have designated waiting areas in the clinic that allow over 2m social distancing at any time. 



  • All clinic visitors will be required to use our antimicrobial hand gel on arrival and departure of the building. Handwashing facilities are also available in addition to this.

  • All clinical staff will have the required personal protective equipment (PPE) for all appointments and treatments. 

  • A handwashing policy is in place so that all clinical staff will wash their hands before and after every treatment.

  • Any clinic visitor can have access to handwashing facilities, a mask and gloves during their visit, if they wish to.

  • Each clinic room will have a full 10 minute clean after every appointment. 

  • All clinical surfaces will be cleaned multiple times daily. 

  • All non-essential items that cannot be adequately cleaned (e.g. magazines) have been removed from the clinic.

  • We will not be performing any ‘aerosol’ based procedures

  • We now accept payment by card only.



We would like to thank you in advance for your vital cooperation with these measures so that we can provide you with access to our treatments during these unusual times.

COVID-19 measures in clinic

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