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What do the Pyramids and the Twitter logo have in common?

The answer is the golden ratio. With the recent controversial appearance of Love Island contestants and cosmetic treatments in the media I ask myself what is beauty?

There is an element of science behind beauty and it can be explained by the golden ratio. This ratio is a mathematical sequence that, when found in nature and art, creates visual balance. It is the ratio of 1:1.618 and this ratio throughout facial proportions is what we see in a beautiful face.

For example ideal facial proportions show the bottom lip should be 1.168 times larger than the top lip or the length of the nose should be 1.168 times larger than the distance between the inner eyes.

When you see people that look ‘over done’ with cosmetic treatments this is often because their natural proportions have been skewed by over treating a particular feature- the lips for example.

As we age these proportions become misaligned due to loss of facial shape and changes to our bony structure. The aim to successful cosmetic treatments that look natural and subtle is to restore key feature proportions.

There are two main types of injectable treatments; Botulinum Toxin (commonly known as the brand Botox®) and dermal filler. Botox® works by relaxing muscles in the face which prevents the formation of skin wrinkles on the forehead for example. It is very effective and last for approximately 3 months. Modern Dermal Filler has an extremely high safety profile and contain hyaluronic acid (part of our skins natural structure that gives it plumpness). Hyaluronic acid attracts a thousand times it’s weight in water so is excellent at restoring lost volume in the face. This can be used in the cheeks, lips or folds in the skin.

Ultimately no matter how many mathematical ratios you calculate beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder!